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Sportsmanship helps a child develop their characters, introduces them to the virtues of team spirit and teaches them to be humble in victory and optimistic in defeat. At the same time, it also gives them an insight into the benefits of playing sports.

Sportsmanship is a concept that implies adherence to the rules and regulations of a sport, and the following of proper sports etiquette.  There have been many advocates of good sportsmanship over the years.  Sportsmanship can define you as a player, a coach, an official and a parent.  We strongly believe that participation in the Northern Westchester Swim conference should inspire children of all ages, not discourage them, but leave them longing for what is to come the very next time they jump into the water.  

Hi all,

Hope you and your family are staying safe.

As we are dealing with this Pandemic due to COVID-19 and have no timeline as of yet. The decision will be made by our State and County governments.
The NWSC understands the current situation and is concerned with the Health and Welfare of our swimmers, volunteers, coaches, pool staff and our pool club members.
The NWSC Board has decided not to have a 2020 swim season. We look forward to a successful 2021 season!
Thank You, NWSC Board

Please use the following links to access B meet hosting, B meet participation and changing or adding team contact information:
Team contact information: Changes only need to be filled out.
B meet hosting (to be used by teams wishing to host a B meet)
B meet participation (to be used by teams wishing to participate in a B meet)

Other News and Updates:

2019 Championship Results  -  All Star Meet Results  -  Records  -  Pictures

14-Under Boys Butterfly Record
Nikita Sakharuk - Willowbrook
Summer of 2019
18-Under Boys Butterfly Record
Jack-Henry Whalen - Yorktown
Summer of 2019
8-Under Boys Freestyle Record
Kevin O'Donnell - Katonah
Summer of 2019

14-Under Boys 200 Medley Relay Record
Willowbrook  - 3 of the 4 swimmers
Summer of 2019
18-Under Boys 200 Freestyle Relay Record
Summer of 2019


2019 - NWSC Board: Ostie, Michael, Meg, Jeff (Missing Kelly)

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